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I take the time to get to know you and your unique story. Through our planning meeting and messages, we will develop a level of comfort together so that you don't have a stranger playing music and guiding events on your special day​.


I book a limited number of weddings/year. This is intentional so you get my undivided effort, energy, and creativity for your once in a lifetime day. I have worked with many DJs and seen firsthand how they are unprepared or get clients mixed up and use the wrong music. I vow to give you all my care and attention.​


I am more involved in the planning process than most DJs because I genuinely care about you having the best day ever! I will help you as much as you need, in whatever ways possible. ​


We will work together to build the perfect music selections for your entire day. You don't have to do it all alone. During our planning appointment, we will talk through each event and listen to music selections. If you're still deciding, you can provide your requests at a later date. Together we will capture all of your favorite music to ensure your event is unique and authentic to you.​


I will go to sleep and wake up thinking about your event. I will walk around my house practicing your announcements and special events. I will practice mixing your music months before your anticipated day. Not a moment will go by where I am not being intentional about achieving your specific outcomes that are so important to you.