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Why DJing?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

This is a question I get a lot from people; so what better way to start my first blog then by answering it! Why did I get into DJing?

I'd love to say I became a DJ because my dad was a DJ growing up. Although I'm super proud of him and his hard work ethic, that's not my story. As a kid, I even worked weddings with my dad when he was DJing, but for some reason it never clicked that I could be a female dj.

My dad. The DJ.
My dad. The DJ.

The main impetus began when I broke my ankle swing dancing. I was on a competitive swing dance team and broke my ankle doing a front flip at practice one night (tri-malleolar fracture in case you were wondering). Now, that in itself did not become my reason to start DJing, but it definitely set-off a chain of events that began my DJ journey.

Breaking my ankle set me back both physically and mentally. Although I still returned to my dance team months later and even began doing aerials again; other dancers had surged ahead of me in their progress. Also, the continued support and encouragement I needed was not there as the focus had shifted away from me and onto the other thriving dancers. I made the difficult decision to leave my dance team and pursue other interests.

DJ dad
Check out the heavy equipment and cassette tapes!

Enter DJing

I knew I needed a new hobby and interest to occupy my free time. Dance and music have always defined my life. I've been in dance studios since I was 5 years old. Dance has always been my passion and I followed it all the way into college. I even have a Master of Fine Arts degree in dance from the University of California, Irvine (go Anteaters!), and a Bachelor of Science degree in dance science from California State University, Long Beach (go 49ers!).

At the time of quitting my dance team, I worked in marketing for a beauty brand. As the marketing director, I had to organize and put together a beauty event. This required me to hire a DJ. On the day of the event, announcements needed to be made for raffle prizes. I took the mic and got the job done! Afterwards, people complimented me on how good I sounded on the mic. Hiring the DJ and seeing what the DJ did, in addition to my announcement compliments got me thinking, "Hmmm... I wonder if that's something I could/should do!"

Suddenly, it all clicked like a light bulb! I've always been a performer. I love music. I love high energy. Why have I never thought of being a female dj before?!?!

Female DJs Don't Exist

Here is why I never considered being a female dj before - because they didn't exist! Well, okay, maybe they did, but I had never been exposed to one. Not a single one! It really upsets me that I never saw or heard of a female dj growing up, but this is probably a topic for a separate blog post. I never had a female dj role model and it makes me bummed. I find it very exciting that there are many female dj's now kicking butt and taking names in the music industry!

Certified female dj
June 29, 2014 Scratch DJ Academy Graduation

Never Looking Back

I decided to meet with a dj locally to learn some djing basics. Before I invested too much money or time, I wanted to be sure it would be something I'd enjoy. Sure enough - I fell in love! Everyone told me I just needed to get equipment and start practicing. So I bought a pair of Technics turntables and the Rane 57 mixer off a guy on Craigslist. I brought them home, set them on the floor, and thought, "Now what?" LOL. "How do I start practicing?" I couldn't even figure out how to get sound to come out of these things!

Long story short, I then bought speakers and a table to put it all on so I no longer have to practice on the floor! Haha! I knew this newfound passion would be lasting a long time into my future, so I invested in the certification program at Scratch DJ Academy. That was almost 6 years ago because I've been certified for 5! It's been a crazy journey and there have been a lot of bumps in the road. I don't doubt there will be many more bumps to come! But meeting like-minded, kind, supportive, fun, artistic people has been absolutely priceless and I welcome more and more of that into my life!

I hope to have many more years of DJing in my future and I hope to be surrounded by many more female djs in the industry! Thank you for reading this and being part of my journey!

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